Customer understanding
Strategic branding

hen you’re moving from start-up to scale-up, the easiest thing to lose sight of is your customers.

Working with FOX ADVANTAGE helps you develop a deeper understanding of your customers and your market potential as you grow.

We turn those insights into new customer advantage by sharpening what you offer and strengthening how your brand delivers it.


At FOX ADVANTAGE we deliver the insight without the overhead. We work in parallel, so you can get on with improving your products and services. These are the four things we do:

Deep customer understanding through qualitative interviews
Broad market research through quantitative surveys
Strategic branding and marketing planning
Tactical positioning, advertising and editorial

Richard Collins

… has twenty years experience of brand building and taking technology to market. From working as a creative lead at JWT to founding an award-winning IT publisher and heading the marketing for global tools vendor Redgate Software his focus is on building and sustaining customer advantage. (In a universe just next door he makes documentaries for BBC Radio 4.)

Tom Harris

…holds a 1st class degree and PhD from Cambridge University in applied mathematics. At Symbian he helped Sony Ericsson design and deliver the world’s first smartphone, the R380s. At Redgate he helped grow a 3 person start-up into a global business, by building teams and providing commercial leadership. He has helped successful startups Gearset and Octopus turn deep customer understanding into stronger business strategy.

What people say

  • Richard has enormous intellectual horsepower which enables him to quickly understand technical issues and complex problems. He is certainly the most astute marketing expert I've worked with in nearly forty years in the IT industry.”

    Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke Chief Editor,
  • "Tom possesses an uncommon set of skills. He has a deep understanding of product and combines that with a passion for finding out what problems customers really have. Tom helped steer us away from a distracting acquisition, and reinforced our belief in our own potential."

    Kevin Boyle
    Kevin Boyle Founder, Gearset
  • “I have no hesitation at all in recommending Richard. He is a uniquely original thinker, and he has the ability to see the world in ways that the rest of us cannot.”

    Neil Davidson
    Neil Davidson Founder, Redgate Software
  • "Tom is the best engineer I’ve worked with at actively speaking to customers and finding out what they want. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s saved us millions of dollars by finding out what would and wouldn’t work, fast. Just don’t be surprised if he runs off to South America for three months without his passport!"

    Simon Galbraith
    Simon Galbraith CEO of Redgate Software
  • Richard is fantastically creative, and a polymath. He generates a wealth of ideas, seeing connections and finding simplifications which differentiated our marketing in an extremely competitive field. I'd work with him again in a flash.”

    Gareth Marlow
    Gareth Marlow Founder at
  • "Tom's cross-functional experience of working with sales, marketing and development is a huge benefit. Most of all he doesn't just talk about things but gets out there and talks to customers, bringing that understanding back to the organisation as a whole."

    James Moore
    James Moore Co-founder, F-Lex


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